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Q1 - Financial Result 2023-24
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SHP REPORT - Sept, 2022
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Outcome - 7th April, 2022
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Sep, '22 - Consolidated
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Annual Report'2022
Statement of Deviation & Variation
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Familiarization Programme For Independent Directors
Criteria Of Making Payments To Non-Executive Directors
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Statement of Deviation & Variation
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Shareholding Pattern December 2020- Bodhi Tree Multimedia
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Proceedings of Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on 10.01.2022
Scrutinizer Report for the Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on 10.01.2022
Extra Ordinary General Meeting Notice
Financial Results - September 2021
Scrutinizer Report : Disclosure of Voting Results of the 8th Annual General Meeting held on 30.09.2021
Financial Result - March 2021
NSE Upload Annual Report
Financial Result - Sep 2020
Intimation of Board Meeting
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Code for Independent Directors
Code of Conduct for Insider Trading
Code of Ethics for Board Members & Senior Managers
Final Policy on Materiality of Related Party Transactions
Final-Policy for identification of group company
Policy for determination of material litigation
Policy for Determination of Materiality if information or events
Policy for Determination of outstanding dues to creditors
Policy for Preservation of Documents
Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment
Whistle Blower Policy - Final